The high profile design of PRF03 is not only fulfill requirements of daily
activities, but also enable amputees to perform higher impact activities
such as jogging, slow running and/or cycling etc.. PRF03 is
manufactured with aerospace-grade composite materials and techniques.
Compare to traditional composite materials, aerospace grade composite
materials possess benefits of higher strength, lighter weight, more flexible
and durable etc.
Split toe design helps to adapt uneven ground condition improves comfortability
aerospace-grade materials enables the foot light weight and more durable.
Compare to PRF02, PRF03 provides higher built height and higher energy
storage and return capability, most smooth roll-over, and most natural
gait pattern. The high built height design also efficiently reduces
muscle fatigue and joint damage.


Product Pioneer
Activity level K1-K3
Max. user weight 100 kg
Heel Height 10 mm
Built height 128 mm (size 25)
Sizes 22-30 cm
System weight 380 g (size 25)
Foot shell sizes 22-30 cm
Connector type Male Pyramid adapter
Warranty 36 mo (6 mo for foot shell)


  Activity Level
Weight (kg) Low Medium High
41-50 1 1 2
51-60 1 2 2
61-70 2 2 3
71-80 2 3 3
81-90 3 3 3
91-100 3 3 /