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Fan-Lite Hip Orthosis


  • Arthroscopic hip procedures
  • Post-op hip revision patients
  • Patients needing stability after dislocation
  • Patients at risk to dislocate


  • Protects the hip joint capsule by providing a limited and safe range of motion following surgical procedures
  • Laterally placed abduction paddle helps to maintain the head of the femur in the acetabulum


  • Q-fit System with single dial front closure provides a quick and easily customizable fit
  • Semi-universal-sizing-circumference tape allows for accurate patient sizing.
  • Small joint head and lightweight design with 0-120 flexion and extension adjustment
  • Double joints allows adduced and abducted adjustment and limitation
  • Tool-free length adjustment design allows to position thigh pad and thigh cuff more appropriately for all patient heights patients

Size: Regular | Large
Measure circumference of waist

SIZE Regular Large
CM 75-85/85-95/95-105 105-115/115-125/125-135


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