Knee Joints


Polycentric Hydraulic Knee

  • Hydraulic polycentric knee
  • High stability during stance phase.
  • High toe-ground clearance during swing phase.
  • Reduced asymmetric gait pattern.
  • Adjustable self-locking angle to fit each patient.
  • Adjustable knee flexion and extension hydraulic resistance to fit various walking speed and patient’s need.
  • High knee flexion angle enable patients to do more activities such as sitting, and kneeling etc.
  • Suitable for K2-K3 level of amputees
Build Height 218.5mm
Knee Center to Dome 19mm
Amputation Level Transfemoral amputation
Activity Level K3
Knee Weight 920g
Max. Weight Bearing 125 Kg/275 lbs
Max. Flexion Angle 155°
Top Adaptor Pyramid adaptor
Bottom Adaptor Tube clamp
Warranty 2 years


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