Suspension System


TPE liners

TPE liners & sleeves:

  • The high density biocompatible medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) liner is ideally suitable for sensitive, bony, or scarred residual limb.
  • Minimize shearing loads and offer extraordinary comfort to the stump.
  • Increased durability of the TPE gel and wear-resistance external reinforcement.
  • Cushioning and locking type available.
  • Fabric covered to facilitate donning and doffing
  • 6 month warranty provided (2 month for 2 mm TPE sleeve)


Knitted fabric:

  • New knitted fabric provides excellent elasticityenables the user to have more flexibility while remaining secured suspension.
  • Suitable for mobility Level K1-K3.
  • Designed for sensible and normal stump withlow or good soft tissue coverage.
  • Uniform 3 & 6 mm matrix available.

Size/ circumference
length (cm)
Cushion Lock
A 20-23 20-23
B 24-25 24-25
C 25-27 26-27
D 28-31 28-31
E 32-37 32-37

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